A novel 'optimal' exponential-based integration algorithm for von-Mises plasticity with linear hardening: Theoretical analysis on yield consistency, accuracy, convergence and numerical investigations  

AUTHORS: E. Artioli, F. Auricchio, L. Beirao da Veiga 
In this communication we propose a new exponential-based integration algorithm for associative von-Mises plasticity with linear isotropic and kinematic hardening, which follows the ones presented by the authors in previous papers. In the first part of the work we develop a theoretical analysis on the numerical properties of the developed exponential-based schemes and, in particular, we address the yield consistency, exactness under proportional loading, accuracy and stability of the methods. In the second part of the contribution, we show a detailed numerical comparison between the new exponential-based method and two classical radial return map methods, based on backward Euler and midpoint integration rules, respectively. The developed tests include pointwise stress–strain loading histories, iso-error maps and global boundary value problems. The theoretical and numerical results reveal the optimal properties of the proposed scheme.
PUBLISHED ON: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, vol. 67, no. , pp. 449-498, 2006

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